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Small Groups


The Small Group Ministry at Life Abundantly Church functions during the year. We intentionally change the membership in each group each season in order to allow people to interact with different people and to guard against a group becoming a “clique.” Small groups do not exist to become “little churches within the church.” They exist to ultimately edify the entire body by striving for the following goals:

  1. To display God-honoring hospitality to our church family by meeting in homes of members, usually around a meal.

  2. To get to know others in the body more intimately through heterogeneous grouping (older members with younger members; single members with married members; adults with youth and children; etc.).

  3. To enhance and deepen the fellowship and unity among members of the body.

  4. To encourage one another.

  5. To love one another more deeply from the heart.

  6. To reach out to and include others outside of LAC (unchurched and/or unsaved).

  7. To grow in being gospel-centered as we focus on the faith that unites us.

We pray that you consider joining in this vital body life ministry.

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