1. When you look at yourself instead of God, you lose perspective. You start comparing yourself to others. And let’s be real, you won’t compare yourself to someone higher or greater than you. Nope, pride will cause you to lift and exalt yourself over those that you feel you have a leg up on.

2. It’s easy to trump yourself up based on your achievements, however the truth is, your degrees and accomplishments don’t move you any closer to God. What you should say is, “The Lord allowed me to do or accomplish xyz…”

3. Pride will cause you to want more than you’re entitled to, or things that you’re not entitled to at all.

4. Pride will make you no longer content with what you have, and it will cause you to covet what others have.

5 . Pride gives birth to a whole lot of “stuff”, and is the foundation of many of our shortcomings.

6. Pride makes you think everyone else is wrong, and whatever you do is right.

7. Pride makes you think everyone else is beneath you.

8. Pride isolates you. After a while the “common folk” that you treated as though they were beneath you, won’t want to deal with you.

9. It’s hard to get along with a person that’s operating in pride.

10. Pride will lie to you (See Obadiah 1:3). It will tell you that you are somebody that you’re not, that you are further along than you are, and that you can do things that you can’t do!

11. Pride will cause you to disagree with the truth. If it didn’t come from you, you reject it. It may be true, but you still reject it.

12. Pride will blind you, because you’re not looking at what’s before you, you are looking at you.

13. Pride will hinder your learning. You think you know everything.

14. Pride will hinder your personal ministry. It places you higher than those that you are trying to minister to. Jesus was in Heaven, but he came down to walk among us and identify with us. It’s hard to teach those that you consider “below” you. To be a good teacher, you need to be able to understand your audience. Ministry is about communication. If I’m operating in pride, I don’t expect you to get it. I’ll use big words and fancy language to boost myself, not worrying about actually connecting with those I’m trying to teach. Jesus spoke in parables to make things relatable and clear to those he was ministering to – to make sure they got it.

15. Pride makes you start calling out flaws in others. You could be disagreeing with a person about something (an isolated issue), and pride will make you think of other completely unrelated issues and flaws to throw in their face. The only way pride stays up, is by pointing out things in others that are low.

16. Pride can keep you in an unforgiving place. Example: “How dare they say or do that to me!”

17. Pride keeps you from acknowledging you’re wrong. You just want to shift the blame.

18. Pride will keep you from repenting.

19. Pride says, “I’m going to do what I want to do.”

20. If you have pride, you will likely lie.